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Investment Planning

The key to sound investment planning is understanding your financial picture and selecting strategies based on your goals, tolerance for risk, and a number of other factors. We can help with a wide range of investment planning services, including a number of alternative investment options. 

Retirement Planning

Your retirement can be everything you want it to be with a smart investment and savings strategy. We’ll work with you to define your retirement goals – and help you reach them.

J Freeman Retirement
J Freeman and Associates Estate and Legacy Planning

Estate & Legacy Planning

You can continue to provide for the people and causes you love with estate and legacy planning. With our expert guidance, your legacy can have a lasting impact for generations to come. 

The Next Steps

To learn more about how you can secure your future, we invite you to schedule a meeting with us. Contact us at (864) 331-4400 or complete our online form to get the conversation started.
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