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Planning for the Health of Your Business—No Matter What the Future Holds

A succession plan is critical to the long-term health of any business. Retirements, staff changes, sudden pivots, and emergencies can all have catastrophic effects—unless you’re prepared.

With the help of a trusted advisor, you can make sure your financial investments are stable, your short-term and long-term plans are clear, and your business can continue to prosper in any circumstance. When the time comes to retire or sell your business, we're here to guide you through the process, providing you with personalized advice and a succession plan tailored to your unique needs.

Protect your business by planning for both the unexpected and the inevitable. Contact us to learn what you can do to make sure your business thrives in any situation.
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Change comes in many forms: key personnel retire or change careers, the company’s ownership changes, market forces necessitate a shift in focus…there are many situations that can shake up a business. Succession planning ensures that your business has a plan for expected and unexpected changes. It involves finances, logistics, and plans for the smooth transfer of ownership and leadership

The best time to transfer ownership depends a lot on the valuation of the business. If you’re selling your business, consider whether its value will increase in the near future. Estate and gift taxes* may affect your choice to delay or expedite the transfer of your business to a loved one. Talk to an expert in business succession and tax law to get the best advice on when to initiate your transfer.

To be ready to transfer your business or make major changes in key roles, you need a succession plan that makes your objectives clear. Outline the details about the management tasks, accounts, clients, employee benefits, and legal aspects of your business, and identify key personnel and their potential successors. Consider how expected and unexpected changes could affect the day-to-day operations of your business. Perhaps most importantly, ensure that your business’s assets are protected with sound investments and a long-term financial plan.

Succession planning can be complicated, but we’re here to help with tailored solutions, evidence-based planning, and over two decades of experience. We specialize in business taxes*, financial planning, and account management, and we work for you.

Schedule a meeting today to speak with our team. We’ll get to know you and your business, help you identify your specific needs, and find the best path forward in succession planning.

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