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Ensuring the Value of Your Estate for Your Loved Ones

Estate and legacy planning may sound daunting, but it’s incredibly important for you and for your loved ones.

Your legacy can make a lasting difference in the lives of the people and causes you care about. Whether you want to take care of your immediate family, extended family, dear friends, or favorite organizations, you can make sure your legacy lives on through your financial gifts.

We can help you organize future gifts and plan for the logistics and expenses associated with transferring those gifts to your loved ones. We work closely with attorneys and CPAs to maximize tax benefits and make the entire process as easy as possible for you.

Not sure where to start? We offer personal guidance, support, and service that’s perfectly suited for you and your goals. Contact us today with your questions.
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Common Questions

Estate planning and legacy planning are both terms that mean preparing to pass your financial and personal assets on to loved ones (family, friends, or organizations) when you die.

Estate planning does require the help of someone knowledgeable in tax law. There are federal and state taxes to consider in the categories of income taxes, goods and services taxes, estate taxes, inheritance taxes, and gift taxes. Different parts of your estate may be taxed differently depending on the type of asset. It’s complicated, but advice from a knowledgeable, caring professional can help clear up any confusion for you and your loved ones. 

It’s important to know what assets and debts will be part of your financial legacy, who will benefit from your legacy, and how your wishes will be carried out. Start by assessing your assets and liabilities, including your property, accounts, financial investments, and business investments. Next, decide what you want to happen to them. Most of our clients want to be sure they’re leaving their loved ones in the best situation possible, with clear instructions and assets that will help pay for medical care, funeral costs, and more. With your circumstances and goals in mind, we’ll help you organize your ideas, open and manage the accounts you need, and put your plans into action.

The allocation of your savings and other assets depends on who you want to leave them to and what you want the beneficiary to do with them. At J.Freeman & Associates, we consider your personal circumstances and your wishes to help you build the legacy you want. We’ll help you decide how to allocate your assets in a way that will be the most beneficial to your loved ones.

You should start your legacy planning as soon as possible. Proper estate planning includes good organization of assets, clear instructions, and solid savings and investments. Thorough legacy planning is the best gift you can give your loved ones.

The best way to start planning for your legacy is to talk to a J.Freeman & Associates advisor. We offer up-to-date advice, a wide range of solutions, and more than twenty years of experience in legacy planning. Contact us today to learn how you can give your loved ones the best both now and in the future.

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