How Can You Help Your Employees Keep the Weight Off?

Losing weight can be a constant struggle.  How many times have you lost a few pounds through exercise and a strict diet and just as quickly gained the weight back and then some? According to a recent Travelers article, a new Stanford School of Medicine study reveals a different technique that might keep those extra pounds off for good. The study tested two groups of women – one group did eight weeks of weight-maintenance training prior to dieting and the other did not. Both groups lost almost the same amount of weight, but those women who learned the maintenance skills prior to dieting kept the weight off. It turns out that keeping the weight off might require a different set of skills known as “stability skills” which get your mind off the dieting/not dieting mentality. The study found that weight maintenance skills involved finding good tasting low-fat, low-calorie foods and balancing those out with the occasional small amounts of favorite high-fat, high-calorie food. As more employees seem to experience health problems from excessive weight, employers pay the consequences through higher health insurance premiums. Not to mention the cost of paid-time-off. How can employers help?  Start by eliminating unhealthy drinks and food from the workplace and replacing them with healthy choices. Employers can also conduct seminars about healthy eating habits and allow time for employees to exercise at work therefore helping to replace an unhealthy lifestyle choice with a more healthy one. What are your thoughts? Are you encouraging your employees to exercise or does your boss allow time to exercise at work?