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So You Have Life Insurance—But is it Enough?

Life insurance may be one of the most important purchasesyou’ll ever make. However, many people greatly underestimate the amount of life insurance needed. In order to answer the question of, “how much?” ask yourself: Upon your death, how much will be needed to meet your current obligations? – (Income shortfall for your family, significant debts, funeral expenses, the cost of …

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Boomer Esiason’s realLIFEstory – A Life Lesson Learned Early

A record-setting NFL quarterback, and now a seasoned radio and TV broadcaster—that’s how most people know Boomer Esiason. But before his fame on and off the gridiron came a tough road for Boomer and his family. When he was just 7, Boomer’s mother, Irene, who was 37, died of cancer. That left Boomer, his father and his two teenage sisters …

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Exchange Notice Model Available for Employers to Share with Employees

On May 8, 2013, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued TechnicalRelease 2013-02, which provides guidance for employers regarding the requirement to notify employees of coverage options available through Exchanges, also called Health Insurance Marketplaces. This notification must be provided to current employees by October 1, 2013. This Model Notice to Employees of Coverage Options is available for employers to use today, if they wish. …

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